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If user is assigned manager access, the manager form button will appear, else a change of password button will be available to the user.

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Controlled Progressive Inspection

A systematic inspection of all tiles in a defined workzone can be initiated by turning on CPI mode. (login required)
To activate CPI mode, click on the light bulb in the upper right corner of the inspection window. The window will zoom to the next uninspected tile in the workzone selected during the login to the SurCheck tool.

To tag a tile as inspected/reviewed press any key on your keyboard or the right arrow next to the light bulb. A process is triggered to determine if the tile contains any edit calls, then the window is advanced to the next uninspected tile.

The previously inspected tile can be cleared and re-inspected by clicking the left arrow next to the light bulb.

Once all active tiles in a workzone are tagged as inspected, no further progressive inspection can be done in that zone.

Random Inspection option: Any tile within the current workzone can be marked inspected with a Ctrl-left mouse click. CPI mode does not need to be activated.

Swipe Layer: Set layer source for the swipe tool. Can be Imagery or map service source.

Basemap Layer: Set layer source for the basemap. Should be a Tiled or Dynamic map service source. Set to standard bases with buttons.

Custom Layer 1-3: Add user custom layer sources. Should be a Tiled or Dynamic map service source. Optional Layer IDs can be entered to load only selected layers of a multilayered service. Layer alias used in layer control.

Note: Changes will be applied after a Save & restarting the SurCheck web service and will persist between sessions unless reset to SurCheck defaults.

Edit Review scale: Default zoom scale used when driving to calls from table selection.

  Toggle swipe layer control
  Toggle layers control
  Zoom to Project Overview with Basemap and workzones
  Zoom to Project extents with workzones and Tile progress
  Zoom to current Workzone extents
  Zoom to current active QC tile

  Toggle this help menu
  Toggle custom settings control
  Display Histogram of current extent
  Print current view to printer or PDF
  save edit calls to a local shape file or .csv (Manager privileges req'd)
  Toggle magnifier control (or double-click on map)
  Toggle measurement tool.

Accuracy measurement tool (under development).

Click on type to exit measurement mode.
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